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Tips For Agents To Help Them Through The Business Of Real Estate

Buying Your Dream Home

Homebuyers are not the only ones facing difficulties when the housing bubble burst. Agents are also having a hard time and if you’re an agent and you want to survive, you need to take some actions.  You need to increase your listing inventory by multiples populated by motivated sellers. Only take short sales that have a chance at closing and stop chasing REOs.

Work only with buyers who allow counseling, written pre-approval and sign a loyalty agreement.  Give them something interesting so they will be your loyal clients.  Also show them the inventory of FSBOs, expireds, new listings, properties from your sphere of influence database and the call generated from your demographic postcard campaign.

Here are other tips to help you through the business of real estate:

* Get serious buyers by putting a listing.  This will put the whole MLS on your payroll.  It gives you an opportunity for a double-ended transaction but you should work hard every day to get a new listing.
* Produce more listing leads by working with a buyer who has shown off-market listing.  Work with fewer and show them properties in addition to the MLS.
* Buyers and sellers pay you commission to learn and absorb information about all the good deals out there. Keep in mind all the things you’ve learned from past transactions so you could be the best agent a homebuyer needs.
* Nicely reject a deal that doesn’t have a chance at closing.  If you are well experienced, you definitely know the signs of a good transaction compared from a bad one.