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Tips Before Buying A Condo

Buying Condominiums

Buying a condominium is convenient and a great alternative to single-family home purchases.  If you have never bought a condo, here are some helpful buying tips to prepare you for your condo purchase.

1. Take note of all fees and assessments associated with a condo purchase.  This can affect the total amount of money you’re going to spend that will add to your mortgage, taxes and insurance fees.  Maintenance fees for the lobby and parking area are some fees that you need to consider before purchasing a condo.

2. Condominiums have association rules and regulations that a homeowner will have to abide.  These may include pet policies, changing the look of your unit, what colors you can use to paint, number of visitors at a certain time, and so forth.  Make sure you check out the condominium’s rules and regulations before buying one to ensure a comfortable stay in your condo.

3. Visit the units you like in a condo to witness the noise and distraction.  If there is too much noise or distraction, then it may not be the right condo for you.

4. Check out the condo location and neighborhood.  Make sure that the place is safe or near your work.