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Selangor new homes: buying a new build home

Selangor, Malaysia

Selangor is the wealthiest of the Malaysian states.  It is surrounded by rivers, forests, and mangroves.  It is the perfect pollution free place to settle down as you will be surrounded by lush greenery. In addition, Selangor houses many electronic industries. It is a leading automobile hub.  No wonder it is thronged by tourists and job seekers all over the year.  In the year 2019, the state is planned to target 7.7 million tourists.  It is one of the safest states in Malaysia.  If you are planning to settle in a serene and peaceful location or move to a place that will offer growth and career opportunities, Selangor would be undoubtedly the best option.

What are your options?

You have plenty of choices as there are many property for sale in Selangor.  The two main categories of homes in Selangor are Landed and high-rise.

Surprisingly, High rise accommodation is cheaper. If you have a higher budget, landed ones are the best as they come with many advantages.

  1. Condominium: Condominiums come with swimming pool, lounge area etc.  Hence condominiums are good if you want to experience luxury. You will have good parking space and round the clock security, but all of this comes at a price, a maintenance fee that needs to be paid every month
  2. Apartments: These are not as glamorous as condos, but they are not bad either.
  3. Multi-storey homes: They are popular among working-class immigrants as they are affordable.
  4. Terrace/Townhouse: These are houses that have shared walls and priced lesser than Multi-storey homes.
  5. Bungalows: Expats prefer bungalows. They are spacious, surrounded by a landscaped garden and offers absolute privacy.

Selangor rentals

Consider long term vs short term:

Malaysian government policies are friendly and encourage foreigners to buy properties.  If you are an expat planning to hold on to a Malaysian property for the long term, then you should consider the following points:

  1. Properties that are lesser than 1 Million RM cannot be bought by foreigners.
  2. A foreigner cannot own properties developed in Malay reserved lands.

Except for the above, you can own any type of property for the long term.  A policy called Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) was created to promote investment in properties by foreigners. This policy helps the foreign home buyer to access the finance offered by Banks in Malaysia.

Which neighborhood to choose:

  1. Choosing to live in Tanah Rata will help to access the nearby Agra technology park.
  2. Mont Kiara is often recommended for expats. It has many deluxe bungalows and condos which are very luxurious. Three international schools are located here and are the most chosen option by Families.
  3. Community living is great in Bangsar. All the amenities are just a walk away.
  4. City center offers excellent access to malls and the vibrant nightlife of Selangor.
  5. Desa Sri Hartamas is very near to the city center, however, this place has lots of greenery and is free from the fast-paced city life.