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Affordable Neighborhoods to Live in Toronto

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Living in Toronto is impressive, indeed. You are in the middle of everything, and there are lots of job opportunities. But at the same time, it is not cheap at all, so you need to consider your options very carefully. It makes no difference if you rent or buy. The good news is you can find many affordable places in Toronto as well – such as East York condos, yet you do need some research.

Now, some neighborhoods in Toronto are rated to be more affordable than others. Do not expect to go straight downtown, though. These locations are usually on the outskirts of Toronto – usually the east and west. On a more positive note, you have good public transportation links – even better if you drive. So, what are the most affordable neighborhoods, and where can you find great value for money?

1.     West Humber

Condos in West Humber are not just affordable, but they also bring in value for money. The community is in the northwest part of Toronto and provides great diversity in terms of culture. There are many immigrants in the area, so expect to hear all kinds of languages as you walk down the street. It is still safe and offers good opportunities. The area hosts more than 50 different parks. On average, it is pretty calm and peaceful – there are not too many people walking around.

West Humber condos for sale

2.     Rexdale-Kipling

Just like West Humber, Rexdale-Kipling is also culturally diverse and features a series of different languages. It is close to West Humber and has lots of green areas. Condos are quite affordable in the area, and there are numerous amenities. Unless you work in downtown Toronto, there are not too many reasons to go there. You can find pretty much everything you need around the neighborhood.

3.     Morningside

Morningside is part of Scarborough and features an abundance of natural beauties. Expect to walk around valleys, creeks, or parks. There is a steep valley around, as well as some lovely forests for a walk. You can also use the area to ride your bike or perhaps run. There are a few different neighborhoods in this community, and they feature affordable condos for sale.

Morningside condos for sale

4.     Rouge

Part of Scarborough too, Rouge is another affordable place to live in Toronto with lots of public transportation links and great for driving. Affordable housing is probably the main reason behind its popularity. But then, there are lots of schools as well, not to mention shopping malls and parks. Locals also have access to a community center, lots of buses, and highway connectivity. There are many places to walk and jog, too.

5.     Keelesdale-Eglinton West

Located in York, Keelesdale-Eglinton West provides access to all kinds of housing opportunities. There are many bungalows in the area, but you will also find large homes or condos for sale. Everything is affordable, and there are lots of people selling. Why? Easy. A lot of people climb on the real estate ladder by buying in this area. Later on, they move into larger and more expensive properties. Therefore, there will always be someone selling a condo around Keelesdale-Eglinton. The cultural diversity is not to be overlooked either – expect to meet lots of Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, and Vietnamese people around.

Keelesdale-Eglinton West condos for sale

Bottom line, whether you are looking for condos for sale in Ajax, Weston, Malvern, or Bendale, you do have affordable housing options around Toronto. As you might have guessed already, the city center is not an affordable option – unless you are an investor, but there are many other choices on the outskirts. Prices vary widely based on the overall surface or the number of bedrooms.